Month: January 2016

Sinkhole in La Jolla Threatens to Cut Off the Gas Line

A sinkhole has appeared in the La Jolla seawall, an area of San Diego that has already suffered a huge amount of rain and flooding devastation, and this could be the next huge problem for the residents of the area as it threatens to cut off the main gas line to the town.

On Thursday in the early hours of the morning, at around 5 am, the sinkhole began to develop with the flood waters pouring into it, exacerbating the problem greatly. These flood waters have been brought to the La Jolla area thanks to the El NiƱo effect, a weather system that is created every year thanks to the rapid cooling of the seas and oceans. This cooling produces pounding storms, pounding storms that have not let up in the La Jolla area for a while now.

Teams from both the local city official offices and the San Diego Gas & Electric have been working together to make sure that the residents of La Jolla do not lose access to their energy providers, but it has been a difficult fight as the sinkhole continues to increase in size, and the weather continues to get worse and worse. Many streets in the area are flooded badly with properties sustaining large amounts of damage, and flood warnings have been in place all week.

In fact, the National Weather Service has issued a warning about the San Diego River, saying that it is likely that it will flood in Fashion Valley. Those who are close to the coast are also being warned that flash floods could occur in that area as the storm moves closer and closer in.

The sinkhole currently remains controlled, but it is difficult to tell how long it will be before calm and order can be restored.