La Jolla Flooded By King Tides Along Coastline

The seawall at La Jolla has been broken by some of the largest and strongest tides that have been seen in the area for decades, thanks to the ‘king tides’ that have been brought to the area over the last few days.

This has led to severe flooding in the parking lots and boardwalks just past the seawall, and there are fears that if the king tides continue to push their way up the coast, we could see a significant amount of damage to people’s homes and businesses unless control is taken back along the coastline.

The La Jolla lifeguards have been working around the clock to prevent the lifeguard station from being flooded, using as many sandbags as they can get their hands on in an attempt to stave off the flood waters that are rising higher and higher with each passing tide.

Although a large amount of damage has already occurred, the National Weather Service does not believe that this is the end of the troubles for the La Jolla area. In fact, it is believed that the flooding could get even worse in the next few days as these king tides continue to push inland through the seawall, and there are several flood warnings in place for some of the streets and buildings that are very close to the seawall itself.

This flood warning will expire and end at around 10 am Friday, when it is believed that the king tides will be over. This is the first time that a full moon has coincided with Christmas since 1977, and it will be 2034 before it happens again. It will then be up to the La Jolla community to assess the amount of damage that it has suffered, and to see just how much work needs to go into rebuilding the sea wall and other surrounding areas.

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