It's hard to see how Orange Restoration La Jolla could have done better for our family. We were more than relieved to see the first truck roll up. After making an ill-advised call to another company, I hung up. You were my second choice of La Jolla flood damage restoration companies but should have been my first. Your team was professional from start to finish. The other guys were finished from the moment they were rude to me on the phone. I'm so glad to have my house back like I like it.

Melinda J.

My job turned into a mold remediation job because I didn't take action soon enough. I didn't know how much unseen water damage there is from a relatively small flood caused by a pipe at the side of my house that broke. My wife and I cleaned everything up and got it looking great ourselves. Then we noticed the mold just a few days later. We called Orange Restoration that day, you came right away and took immediate action to finish the drying job and get rid of the mold. I can't thank you enough.

Stewart P.

When you wake up to water damage, you feel helpless. But there is help available. My La Jolla home was fixed within just a few days because I made the call to Orange Restoration La Jolla. My job wasn't a big one, but it was devastating to me just the same. Great service. Quick response. Friendly people with professional attitudes. It was all just right.

Rita R.

When my law office flooded, I didn't know what to do. I had a case in two hours and couldn't think about it. I left my assistant in charge and he called Orange Restoration La Jolla, the insurance company and my clients. By the time he had canceled my appointments for the day, the Orange team was on the scene. By the time my case was over that afternoon, things were already drying out. When you own your own business there are always problems. This was one of the worst I've ever had, but it was solved the simplest. I'll use Orange again if needed, but I hope I never have to.

Julia M.

Just a quick word of thanks. There was a flash flood at my home caused by nearby construction blocking storm drains. What a mess. You put it all back together with your very methodical flood damage repair service. There was a lot of drywall to replace after everything was dry, but you saved my antique furniture pieces and most of my paperwork, so I couldn't be happier. Thanks for what you did for me.

Marsha W.