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About Us

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The Most Trusted Name In Flood Damage Repair Is One La Jolla Can Feel Confident About

We find ourselves saying that more often than you can imagine in our business. And we mean it every time. Nothing is more devastating than water, the very substance that gives us life. But when it's in the wrong place, it can make life unlivable and cause business to grind to a halt.

At Orange Restoration La Jolla, our goal is to make things right... even when there is seemingly insurmountable damage to your home or business. Our water damage, flood damage and fire damage experts take a broad and holistic approach to making sure we do what's right for every client. When you have damage and need restoration services, depend on Orange Restoration La Jolla for every aspect of the restoration process.

Our goal is to get you back in business or back to normal life sooner than you thought possible. That's why we have the latest tools and use industry-approved techniques to do our jobs. In addition to years of experience in water removal, smoke and soot removal, flood cleanup and mold cleanup, we're also professionals in reconstruction, remodeling and other tasks necessary for complete restoration.

Further, we never stop learning. Our experts train each year in additional and more advanced techniques for water damage restoration and other restoration services. Nothing is more important to us than doing the very best we can for our customers who need La Jolla water damage restoration from the most professional and up-to-date people available.

Our commitment to professionalism begins when you call. We have a team of customer service professionals available to answer your call at any hour. You never get a machine or someone in another state or country. We have a long line of satisfied clients in our past, and we want to count you among them.


Reasons to Hire Us

Do you need convincing that we're the best choice for water damage and flood damage restoration and so much more? Here are some smart reasons to make us your first call after a catastrophic event:

  • Convenient

    We are a one-stop shop and can handle all your restoration needs.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We are available 24 hours a day because disasters can happen anytime.

  • Quality Assurance

    We perform testing to make sure your property is dry, safe and sound.

  • Off-site Restoration

    We offer off-site restoration of possessions that can be removed from your home.

  • Off-site Storage

    We can arrange storage of undamaged items so they don't get damaged.

  • Positively Persistent

    We don't stop until your property is fully restored and you're happy.

  • Local

    We are a local La Jolla company committed to you, our community and our state.


What They're Saying About Us

Need more convincing? Perhaps these customers reviews from your neighbors here in La Jolla will make a difference for you. We're proud of our long history of satisfying people like you during the most difficult times of life.

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